VG Technical - COVID-19 Secure Scheme : VGCSS

As businesses begin to re-open it is important that a risk assessment is conducted, and control measures implemented to ensure staff, customers and visitors are protected against the risk posed of COVID-19.

Business Benefits

  1. Re-open your business safely with a COVID-19 risk assessment tailored to your business.

  2. Independent verification and evidence that your business is implementing effective systems.

  3. Build employee and consumer confidence that health, safety and wellbeing is a top priority.

  4. Demonstrate your commitment to safety through targeted controls.

Bespoke System

VG Technical specialize in tailoring systems so that control measures are targeted, effective and relevant to your business. We will work with you to ensure that specific risks within your business are identified, allowing effective control measures to be developed for you.

Expert tailored advice

We provide a personal touch, with expert advice and guidance available from seasoned environmental health professionals when you need it.


We provide certification and a verification window sign to demonstrate that your business has achieved VGCSS standards. This demonstrates business commitment to the safety of its employees, customers and visitors.

VGCSS: The Process

1. Register to the Scheme

Contact us on 07792677565 or through to register to the scheme and discuss your COVID-19 requirements

2. Assessment & Training

We will discuss and tailor control measures to your business based on an assessment from your H&S representative. Risk assessments and control measures are targeted to your business, allowing effective and relevant controls to be implemented

3. Audit

Once your business has implemented your personal VGCSS system, you will be audited by a qualified and experienced VG environmental health consultant. This is to verify that standards have been implemented correctly. The audit involves an on-site inspection and review of documentation to assess the implementation of control measures

4. VGCSS Certification

Once compliance standards have been achieved a VGCSS certificate and window sign shall be provided. This provides evidence that your business is taking safety seriously and can provide reassurance to staff, customers and visitors that approved measures are in place that are verified independently

5. Ongoing support & feedback

Changes to government guidelines and scientific knowledge of COVID-19 is evolving and changing continuously. Ongoing support and advice specific to your business shall be available to ensure correct actions are always in place in line with current guidelines and scientific evidence

We provide further services in food safety, health and safety, trading standards, fire safety and nutrition. Please contact us and speak to a VG representative on 07792677565 or Our aim is to support your business to provide a safe environment that goes beyond the requirements of government guidelines by tailoring and developing bespoke systems to your business.

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